Copywriting is one of the biggest factors in your google ranking. After your page has authority it is important that Google can understand what your page is about.

We don’t read pages, we scan them.

If you skipped the first paragraph and jumped straight to the header you are not alone. Using headers help power readers quickly scan an article. Make sure to use headings to quickly get your main points across. Use the copy to support your heading and have important keywords.

If your copy doesn’t match what the user is looking for they will leave.

Make sure that your copy matches your page titles and fulfills their needs. The menu should instantly bring me to the menu. Users should not have to read every sentence to find what they are looking for. Do not hide your restaurant’s hours in the about page.

Focus your content geographically.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.45.39 PM

You are not likely to rank for searches like “best bbq in America” but you are more likely to rank for “best bbq in Cincinnati” use your geographic location at least a handful of times in your copy.  The key is to not stuff your location into every sentence. That will actually harm your Google ranking. They key is to naturally mention that you are the “best bbq in Cincinnati” using “local Ohio grass fed beef”.

Focus on keyword phrases users are searching for.

BBQ keyword in google for restaurant seo

Search Google for your location and one of your keywords. At the bottom you will find a list of suggested searches. These are keyword phrases or a series of words that users are searching for. Some of these are other restaurants but some words like: “cincinnati bbq catering” or “cincinnati bbq restaurants” can be very helpful. Incorporate these keywords into your writing for higher rankings.

Copy (the text on the page) is just one of the many ways you can increase your restaurant website rank on Google. Make sure to also link off the page to other pages and use your keywords in the H1 and title tags.


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