Like it or not social media is here to stay. As a restaurateur you have some discretion of what sites to use. Though users will eventually add you to directories like Yelp and Foursquare you still can choose what platforms you operate on. The most important social media platforms are going to differ depending on your restaurant’s customers. Below we discuss the personas that are on each platform.


1) Google+

Google Plus has not gained the traction Google had hoped for. That being said it still is very important for restaurants. It feeds much of the information that you see in the Google “knowledge cloud”. This is the area at the top and right of the search results that lists restaurants. Google Plus is also important as it integrates with the Google Maps features.


2) Yelp

Restaurants either love or hate Yelp. Regardless many guests use it to find restaurants. For that reason you should be on Yelp responding to customers and posting professional photos. If you don’t have professional photos check out our 6 tips for restaurant photography.


3) Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media network and many older users are on this platform. Success requires frequent posting and engagement. We have seen success listing specials and running giveaways on this platform. Facebook is a great way to remind existing patrons how great your restaurant is!


4) Instagram

Instagram is a very fun platform. With a younger audience it may not be as important for your audience. It focuses exclusively on photos and videos. As one of the fastest growing social media platforms it is important to build a presence. If done correctly you can use Instagram to increase your restaurant traffic.


5) TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has been raising in the ranks of Google. Originally more focused on hotels and flights they now have a very robust restaurant directory. With over 260 million travelers a month TripAdvisor could help you bring in new business. You can claim your Trip Advisor restaurant listing here.


6) Twitter

Another platform with a younger crowd Twitter allows you to keep your customers informed with short messages. Twitter is most popular for food trucks where they can tweet their location to their followers. If you have a mobile food business Twitter and Foursquare are very important to have. Twitter can be a great place to answer your customers questions.


7) Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform for restaurants to showcase their food. Pinterest boards have been performing very well in organic search results. The key to creating a great Pinterest board for SEO is matching the pinboard title to a search query. Making a board called: “best pizza in boston” with images of pizza from your website would likely rank high for the search “best pizza in boston”.


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