Every pub has a story to tell (and good beers on draft), but you can’t tell your stories without first getting the people to come to your place.

Websites set the tone for your pub and are now ultimately one of the deciding factors on whether a person is going to come or not. For people who haven’t been to your pub before your website is like a guide through the unknown and it’s your job to make it as easy and enticing as possible.

If I’m right you’re reading this because you figured out your website isn’t easy or enticing and you want to improve it.

Congratulations, that’s the first step.

The Bear Inn, Oxford. UK







But what comes next?

There are 5 things people want to see when they come to your restaurants website and making sure they are there hasn’t been more important. There are over 600,000 restaurants in the United States alone, now is the time to stand out.

 1. Keeping up with modern times is crucial:

Toss those 1990’s templates and update to this century. Pictures are your friend (and I’m not talking about the low quality ones you already have). Are you an Irish pub, maybe Scottish? Great! Use high quality photos of the pubs food, drinks, and atmosphere to make the customer have no chance of saying they don’t want to go. Layout is everything. Be mobile friendly and up to date, nobody wants to have a folk song playing on the website while they look for the menu.


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2. The menu is what they’re coming for:

The last thing people want to do is download a pdf file that will forever be on their computers/phones just to see your menu. Make it easily accessible and clear with what you offer, good descriptions, and prices right on your website. The food is what they are usually coming for!








3. Specials and Promotions could easily get them in the door:

Do you have a happy hour? Discount Nights? Karaoke Night? Make it known! The only way people will know about it is if you put the information out there and it’s those specials that help bring people in. Promote your pub, use FourSquare, Twitter, and Facebook to get people talking about you and to talk back to people. Say goodbye to the chalkboard being the only way people here about what’s going on at your pub.










4. Easy access to your information is important:

Today google maps is how everybody gets where they need to go. Don’t just put your address on your site so people have to copy and paste, or remember it by memory just to find out where you’re located. Link your address with google maps so with one easy click people can have directions right to your bar stool. Don’t forget phone numbers, hours of operation, contact us, and parking information can all be linked on google too and people are looking for it.









5. Online reservation is the new trend:

In this day and age people are always on their phones, but not to make a call. Today, people want to easily be able to make a reservation without having to directly talk to someone. Most importantly when they get to the restaurant they want their reservation to be in the system. A solid online reservation system can do wonders for restaurants and gives people one more reason to choose you over the other pub down the street.






What what do we know?

Taking your restaurants bad and turning it into good can be a hard process – that’s where we come in.

Bitefire is a user friendly platform that is raising the standards for restaurant websites while helping them get there. From beautiful websites to vendor and inventory management Bitefire surpasses the competition and opens eyes to what is truly possible in web design.








Why Use Bitefire?

Bitefire is designed to do all this and more. When we are done not only will you want to be visiting your website, but so will everybody else.

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